Friday, January 6, 2012


The ladies.

For the past couple days, I have been mowing the lawn, scraping clean the chicken coop, and using the dried grass to reline the hens' nests. It is awesome in almost all respects (handling gasoline and a pitchfork, for example). Scraping the chicken coop is not as much fun.

The co-op (freshly reupholstered).

I found a few eggs in there today--it's a trip to hold a freshly-laid egg still warm from the layin'... oh the delights we city slickers miss out on.

  1. caçar - to hunt
  2. a lagartixa - gecko, e.g. A lagartixa está caçando os bichinhos The gecko is hunting the bugs
  3. o reflexo - reflection, e.g., Ontem eu achei que era o reflexo, mas seu cabelo é lilás mesmo Yesterday I thought it was a reflection, but his hair is in fact lilac
  4. vencido - expired
  5. a tigela - bowl
  6. ligar que - to care that, e.g. Eu não ligo que você pensa de este jeito I don't care if you think so
  7. o travesseiro - pillow
  8. Esto bem - I'm good (I don't want your pudding)
  9. o morro - hill
  10. bocejar - to yawn
  11. a calçada - sidewalk
  12. empurrar - to push
  13. a barata - cockroach
  14. a propaganda - advertising
  15. o buraco - hole

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