Thursday, January 5, 2012

If Anything Can Happen

I came across this beautiful song on a podcast I've been listening to. The podcast is called Café Brasil, and the song is "Se Tudo Pode Acontecer," by Arnoldo Antunes, one of the biggest Brazilian musicians of the 1980s. I've given the English a go below. (Also, the bassist in the video looks freaking awesome.)

If anything can happen
If all things are possible
For a desert to bloom
Or a heavy cloud not to rain

Then it's possible someone could appear
And that that someone could be you
A comet could come down to earth
A bolt of lightning in the darkness

The both of us walking hand in hand, somehow
I want this moment to last my whole life
And even longer, in the morning beyond
If it were you and me
If it happened that way

And some more of my vocabulary
  1. a grana - slang for "money"
  2. bravo - furious
  3. a preguiça - laziness
  4. a seiva - sap (from a tree)
  5. o varejo - retail
  6. entre aspas - "quote unquote"
  7. mole - soft
  8. o caldo - broth
  9. sobrar - to remain, e.g. Só sobrou pele "There was only skin left"
  10. a gaze - gauze
  11. o lazer - leisure
  12. lambar - to lick
  13. a acerola - acerola...?
  14. a tampa - lid
  15. resgatar - to save, e.g. Eu resgatei a forminha "I saved the ice tray"
  16. encher - to fill
  17. o cunhado - brother-in-law
  18. arrumar - to come up with, e.g. Ele consegiu arrumar uma mulher "He got some woman to marry him."
  19. Tá?! - Capice?!
  20. a broa - maize flour cake or fat woman
  21. cacheado - curly

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